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 Wearable Light Therapy:
LifeWave Pain Relief Patch 

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Discover the power of wearable light therapy patch for pain relief

Your ultimate anti-inflammatory and pain relief patch

Introducing LifeWave's patch for pain relief and anti-inflammation.  A brand new breakthrough in wearable light therapy for pain treatment. With this drug-free pain relief patch, your back pain, muscle pain, joint pain and nerve pain days are over. Experience relief within minutes! It's not your average back pain patch.


This pain relief patch uses body heat as a power source. It has put LifeWave patches at the forefront of phototherapy tech. 


Now available at our Wellness Centre in Boksburg. 

Introducing the LifeWave Patch for Pain Relief and Anti-Inflammation

Beyond Your Average Back Pain Patch

Welcome to Sunphysio Wellness Centre. It is your dedicated destination for pain management methods in Boksburg, East Rand. We combine the IceWave drug-free pain relief patch with many pain management techniques. We aim for a holistic, medicine-free approach. 

IceWave Phototherapy
Pain Relief Patches
Can Aid With:

  • Acute pain patches : Muscle pain, broken bones, surgery, burns, injuries, infections etc.

  • Chronic pain patches: Back pain, arthritis pain, fibromyalgia, headaches, nerve pain.

  • Visceral pain patches: Gallstones, appendicitis, IBS, endometriosis.

  • Somatic pain patches: Bone fractures, strained muscles pain relief, Lupus joint pain treatment, Osteoporosis, Rheumatoid arthritis.

  • Neuropathic pain patches: Neuropathy in legs and feet, Spinal nerve pain relief, Bell's palsy, Parkinson's, Multiple Sclerosis, Shingles, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, infections, Diabetic neuropathy etc.

light therapy pain treatment natural chronic and neuropathic pain relief

The Ultimate Pain Relief Patch

  • A back pain patch

  • An anti-inflammatory patch

  • A patch for nerve pain

  • A muscle pain patch

  • A joint pain patch and more

Corporate Wellness Programs

About LifeWave's Phototherapy Natural Inflammation and Pain Relief Patch

Discover a revolutionary approach to pain relief with wearable light therapy patches. Treat back pain, muscle pain, and even pain after surgery without drugs. Our pain relief patches use your body's power, it's a safe and effective pain management technique. 

How does Icewave work

The science behind it:

IceWave inflammation and pain relief patches work by reflecting and sending infra-red energy. It's portable phototherapy, also known as light therapy. The patch reflects a specific set of frequencies. They flow from nano-sized crystals within the patch. Once the pain relief patches touch your energy field, they "turn on". They start reflecting beams of infra-red energy from your body.

How does the pain relief patches work?

The pain treatment patches, come in a set of two, a white patch, and a tan patch. The white patch is more positively charged. The tan is more negatively charged. Combined, they move energy in the body - the energy flows from negative to positive. So, if pain is from blocked energy, the patches move energy past the blockage.

How do you use the LifeWave patch?

Place the tan pain relief patch over the most painful spot on your body, then place the white patch above the tan patch, the 12 o'clock position (3cm - 7cm) away. IceWave is specifically designed to provide relief at the source of discomfort. If your need nerve, muscle or back pain relief, you can place the patches around that area for quick relief. If you have pain throughout your body, there are different placement options.

Find Pain Relief in Every LifeWave Patch

Choose LifeWave IceWave wearable light therapy pain relief patches. They are natural, effective, and medicine free. Rediscover the joy of a pain-free, active lifestyle today!

icewave benefits
Natural anti-inflammatory, neuropathic and chronic pain relief patch.

WHY IceWave pain relief light therapy patches?

  • Innovative technology

  • From chronic to neuropathic pain relief

  • Drug-free pain relief patches

  • A muscle or back pain patch

  • Fast and targeted relief

  • Long-lasting pain relief

  • Versatile application

  • No side effects

  • Non-invasive and non-addictive

  • No chemicals or stimulants.

  • Relief at the source of discomfort

  • Convenient and easy to use

  • Used for whole body and local pain

  • Better flow of energy in the body 

  • Promotes the natural healing processes

Drug-Free Pain Relief Patches

IceWave is a drug-free pain relief patch. Ideal for those seeking natural pain relief.

Fast and Long-Lasting

The patch provides rapid pain relief within minutes, and lasts the entire day. Get back to an active you.


Patches for a variety of pain, including muscle, back pain, joint and nerve discomfort. From chronic to acute pain.

IceWave Patches: Empower Your Body's Natural Pain Healing Energy 

IceWace Light Therapy Pain Relief Patch Treatment Success Story


 Chani, from Sun Physio introduced me to The Ice Wave Patch for pain.

The second and third patches gave me even more pain relieve but also exceeding my expectations in terms of how my body would re-act. With having Lupus I cannot make a cup of coffee and take it into the living room and have it there, NO, the mug is to heavy to carry no matter what mug I use, my hands are severely affected with Lupus.  After the 3rd round of patches I was able to make myself a cup of coffee and carry it with no strain in my hand to the living room.  That is when I realized I was completely impressed with this product and would recommend it to anybody who is suffering from pain as I do on a daily basis.


The overall experience exceeded my expectations.  These patches will definitely be the future of my healthcare need.


My goal is to do a full month on the patches and to disconnect from my medication.  That is how sure I am that these patches works!!!


Thank you Chani for introducing it to me. 

Chani knows my history with Autoimmune Disease and went above and beyond to help me find the perfect product to assist me and her other patients with a pain alternative. I am completely impressed with the professionalism and client care I got from her.

The morning on my way to Chani for my first patch I had terrible needles and pins in my hands to my wrists.  My ankles and knees were very sore as was my shoulder and head.  I would say within 5 minutes after administrating the patches I could feel the needles and pins disappear!!  I went home and went on with my daily tasks.  At one stage I had minimal ankle pain and no pain in my right knee. I told Chani my pain out of 10 was 8 in the morning.  The evening when I took of the patches, I told her it was 4 out of 10!!. 

Sunphysio Offers a Range of Pain Management Tecnique in Boksburg

Located in Boksburg, East Rand, Sunphysio Wellness centre offers a varriety of natural pain management techniques. Take advantage of IceWave light therapy pain relief and anti-inflammation patches or one of our other natural pain management methods. Free yourself from inflammation and pain without medication's side effects.

pain mangement method


Physio combined with our pain relief patches provide a powerful, drug-free pain management tecnique.


Join our Pilates program as part of rehabilitation or to alleviate chronic pain in your neck, back, shoulders, and joints.

Ozone Sauna

Increases peripheral blood vessel capacity, reduce inflammation and relieve pain. Accelerate healing with our ozone steam sauna.

Consult with our pain relief healthcare professionals

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